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The Making Solar Bankable conference is about understanding and changing perceptions around bankability, with the aim of bringing to life more solar projects in emerging markets.

With this goal in mind, we invite you to take part in the Access Power-FMO Solar Shark Tank Competition. This competition is for local developers that require development support to make their solar projects more “bankable”.


Company: Symbior Solar and Nova Terra

Candidate 1


Project Northern Light is 50MW solar PV project under development, to be located in the South Gobi region of Mongolia, in proximity to substations and sites with increasing mining activity. The project will be jointly developed by Symbior Solar and Nova Terra, renewable project developers with extensive experience in utility-scale solar development and the Mongolia region. The project will be grid-connected, and provide clean energy to the Mongolian Central Regional Electricity Transmission Network, with support from the Mongolia government and Ministry of Energy.
Project Northern Light represents a unique opportunity to introduce utility-scale solar power generation to Mongolia, a region where solar PV technology of this scale has not yet been implemented.


Company: ABG-CAPS Clean Energy Group

Candidate 2


KVK/CAPS Solar Farm in Sokoto is a 100MW project, phased into two 50MW ground mounted solar PV project located in Sokoto State. The project site is located some 34km from Sokoto Sub-station and has a 132KV line pass through it for ease of evacuation.  The development of the project started some three years ago and is poised to take advantage of the enormous opportunity presented by the power market reform in Nigeria.  Located within the Sokoto Caliphate, the site enjoys one of the highest irradiation levels in Nigeria.  Over this period, the required prefeasibility study has been carried out, including the Environmental Impact Assessment and a certificate received.


Company: Africa Growth & Energy Solutions (AGES) UK PLC

Candidate 3


Africa Growth & Energy Solutions (AGES) UK PLC is developing a portfolio of solar photovoltaic power station projects in Sierra Leone. A power purchase agreement has been signed with the Government of Sierra Leone covering the entire 25MW. In the first phase of the development, a 5MW power station is planned to be implemented near Bo Town, the second largest city of Sierra Leone. The solar farm will add a substantial amount of power to an area, which is otherwise reliant on a hydro station that generates very little during months of dry season. 
AGES is a micro multi-national company with offices in London, Freetown, Douala and Nairobi, developing renewable energy projects.
AGES collaborates with local partners to initiate projects in the renewable energy sector; our aim is to combine power with sustainable development programmes. We develop these programmes locally, identify the right technical expertise and finance partners that will create opportunity and improve peoples’ lives. 


The winning proposal will receive a $100,000 grant towards the development costs of the project from Access Power & FMO. On top of that Access Power will also pre-qualify the winning project for the $5 million Access Co-Development Facility (ACF) 2016 deployment, subject to the ACF qualification requirements found on the Access Power website. 


The winner will enter into a contract with FMO / Access to stipulate the agreed use of the funds and the manner in which they will be spent. This will include the scope of work, contracting processes and deliverables applicable to the third party study / consulting works to be funded by the FMO/Access prize money. The contract will NOT impose conditions on the winner related to a future business, investing or lending relationship between FMO / Access and the winner.


Danai Giannopoulou
Project Manager
Tel: +31 10 280 9198


Nasir Aku
Project Manager
Tel: +971 4 453 9508 ext. 115


The Organizers are under no obligation to provide justification to non-selected candidates, or to reconsider the non-selection of an application. None of FMO, Access Power, and Solarplaza International B.V. accept any liability for any damages whatsoever as a result of the participation by a candidate in the seminar or the non-selection of a candidate for the seminar.
Candidates undertake that the information provided is true and accurate, to the best of their knowledge, and that the information provided is in the public domain.
Pre-selection and Judging panels will be asked to treat all applications with complete confidentiality.