U2 frontman Bono pays a visit to American-owned Gigawatt Global facility in Rwanda.

On a “Beautiful Day” amid the tree-dotted mountains of eastern Rwanda, U2 frontman Bono symbolically knighted Israel’s own “Captain Sunshine” with two karate chops in place of the traditional sword ceremony.

“This is really history in the present... I like history in the present, living history, making history, writing history,” Bono said on Wednesday afternoon at the site of the Gigawatt Global solar field.

The U2 lead singer and activist was speaking to Yosef Abramowitz – aka Captain Sunshine – the American-Israeli co-founder and president of the Gigawatt Global company.

Set on the land of an Israeli-inspired Agahozo- Shalom Youth Village, Gigawatt Global’s $23.7 million, 8.5-MW field supplies about 6 percent of Rwanda’s power. The field, located about 60 km.

from Kigali in Rwanda’s Rwamagana district, was launched at a February 5 ceremony and is expected to harness the sun’s light for 25 years. Made up of 28,360 photovoltaic panels, the facility is the first utility-scale solar field in East Africa and the largest on the African continent outside of South Africa and Mauritius.


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